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Part of what makes our Brazilians less painful than other salons is our hard wax.

With a low melting point, the wax will never burn you. And when applied to a layer of oil, the wax will stick only to your hair and not your skin resulting in a less irritating wax.


We use soft strip wax for legs, arms, face, chest, neck, back, shoulders, and other areas as well. 


And what about Sugaring?!

 Sugaring is a similar process to waxing, except it's performed by applying a paste made of sugar, lemon juice, and water.

When applied to the skin, the sugar paste is close to room temp, again, never burning the skin. The hair is then removed in the same direction as hair growth resulting in a more gentle experience. Great for clients that are more prone to ingrown hairs. 


On top of waxing and sugaring, we offer spray tanning for those occasions when showing up like a pasty white ghost simply is not an option.

The tanning solution we use is organic, vegan, and made from naturally derived ingredients.

It comes in a variety of tones to get you the perfect color and is applied by a spray tan tech to make sure you are left with the most flawless results.

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